The Basic Principle Of Islamic Education Management

The Basic Principle Of Islamic Education Management

The Basic Principle Of Islamic Education Management - The importance of the basic principles in management practices include: 1) determine ways/methods of work; 2) election workers and the development of his skills; 3) elections work procedures; 4) define the boundaries of brick; 5) prepare and make the specification of tasks; 6) conducting educational and exercise; 7) system and determine the magnitude of reward. All of it is intended to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of work.
The Basic Principle Of Islamic Education Management
The Basic Principle Of Islamic Education Management

In relation to the basic principles of management, Fayol suggested a number of principles such as those cited by Nanang Fatah, namely: the Division of labor, clarity in the authority and responsibility, discipline, unity of command, unity of direction, better prioritize public interest rather than personal interests/organizations, granting cons achievement, centralization, scalar chain, order, equity, stability in the Office, the initiative and the spirit of the group. The basic principle of the fourteenth made managerial practices in benchmark in the conduct of management oriented to goal (Management by Objectives {MBO}), people-oriented management (Managemnet by Browse {MBP}), oriented to the management structure (Management by Technique {MBT}), and based on information management (Management by Information {MBENI}) on Management Information System {EG}.
Hendiat Sutomo and Washti Sumanto argued about the principle of Manejemen education with modern educational administration patterns adhere to the principled on democracy with respect for human potential, then the principle of management education or school should be:
  • Decentralized systems and staff members.
The definition of this principle is authority and responsibility as well as the tasks that must be delegated in the context of the policy framework adopted in schools.
  • Heighten appreciation for the personal
Personal bound in the work unit to be reckoned with and appreciated by the leadership that is adapted to the authority, and responsibility as well as the purpose and authority assigned to the personal.
  • Personal growth and development of school optimally
Develop and cultivate the ability and personal skills optimally. In other words, each personal school should be able to display its potential with the greatest extent possible.
  • personal relationships
Every personal school work always was involved from the start of planning organizing and supervision so that they became the responsibility of the joint.

 It's The Basic Principle Of Islamic Education Management.

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