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The Purpose Of Marriage In Islam

What The Purpose Of Marriage In Islam ?

The Purpose Of Marriage In Islam - In this article we will discuss about what is becoming a destination wedding in islam, so we understand the goals to be achieved when we want to get married.
There are a few destination weddings in islam, among which are the following:
  1. To meet the demands of Human Instincts that Human, Marriage is a human nature, then it is a valid way to meet this need is to ' aqad marriage (through a hierarchy of marriage), not in a way that was very dirty and disgusting, like the ways people right now; with a get-together of rape, dating, prostitute, sex, lesbian, FAG, etc that have been distorted and forbidden by Islam.
  2. To Fortify the Sublime and Akhlaq to subdue Views, The main target of disyari'atkannya marriage in Islam which are to fortify the human dignity of the dirty deeds and nasty, which can devalue and undermine human dignity are sublime. Islam look at marriage and family pem-bentukan as a means to effectively maintain youth and youth from damage, and protect society from chaos.
  3. To enhance the worship to God, According to the concept of Islam, living fully to serve and worship only Allah ' Azza wa Exalted and do good to your fellow man. From this point of view, the household is one of the fertile ground for worship and charity Salih, in addition to the worship and charity-Charity Salih to another, related matter wife husband even included worship (alms).
  4. To acquire a good Descent, Destination weddings of which is to obtain a good descent, to preserve and develop the bani Adam 
The Purpose Of Marriage In Islam
The Purpose Of Marriage In Islam

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Surely a good offspring will not be retrieved but rather with Islamic education. It is considering the large number of Islamic institutions, but the content and how very much even deviate from the values of Islam which is sublime. So much we find children of Muslims who have no morals that corresponds with the noble values of Islam, because the education and coaching. Therefore, the husband nor the wife responsible for educating, teaching, and directing his sons to the right path, according to the Islamic religion.
About The Purpose Of Marriage In Islam, Islam also looked at that establishment of the family as one way for the realization of the goals of the larger covering various aspects of the community that will have a major influence and fundamentally against the Muslims and the existence of the Islamic Ummah.