Facts About Islam In The World

 Facts About Islam In The World

Facts About Islam In The World - Islam is one of the many religious people or followers of the religions that exist in this world, and some of the countries that have the largest number of Muslims, one of them is our country, namely Indonesia and followed by Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, Turkey and many more. And here are 10 interesting facts about Islam.
  1. The name Muhammad is the most popular name around the world, and ranks number two in the country of the uk to name a baby boy order was first occupied by the name of Jack
  2. Albania is the only country in Europe that is 90% of the inhabitants are Muslim
  3. The following words absorbed from the arabic language: algebra , zero , cotton , the couch , rice , candy , saffron , balcony , even “alcohol” also derived from arabic , al-kuhl , who had the sense of powder
  4. Some of the paragraph in the koran described the importance of equal rights between men and women a mathematical calculation .Said the man and woman in the koran equally total of 24
  5. There was nothing in kabah
  6. Islam is a religion that growth was most quickly in the world according to many sources , is expected to become religious number 1 in 2030
  7. Hindus believe in kabah in one of the lord them named of shiva lingam `
  8. The prophet muhammad saw haj only once in his life
  9. If now the Quran was destroyed, then the arab version of the Koran will soon be rewritten by millions of Muslims, called Huffaz who have memorized the words in the Koran from the initial start up to the end of the paragraph
  10. Facts About Islam In The World
    Facts About Islam In The World
  11. Original name of the holy city of medina is “yathrib”

It is this a little about 10 interesting fact about islam that i know

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